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Thread: Using textures instead of points in a map OpenGl-ES 2.0

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    Hi I added in glBlendFunc() and glEnable(GL_BLEND), visually this did not have an affect. I have tried this in a couple of different spots without luck.

    [Edit] Actually it was the image itself, I tried with another image that I knew was already working with OpenGL-ES 2.0 from a downloadable tutorial
    This image rendered, however it was upside down.

    My image was a png that I had created in Fireworks, it had two layers in it, Layer 1: a bitmap, Layer 2: a vector path. It also was transparent around the edges.

    Upon finding that the tutorial image did work, I altered it a little by wiping out a corner of the bitmap making it transparent. This causes it to render the corner black and show the rest fine.

    Now I can see adding your glBlendFunc() and glEnable(GL_BLEND) provides the transparency.

    1. what are the specification when creating a texture?
    2. Is it my png that is not compatible?
    3. Is my texture coordinate array in the fragment shader working properly? I ask because no matter how I manipulate the values the image always displays upside down. I have tried reversing the t coords, have tried reversing all coords. Doesn't seem to change.
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