I have a simple rectangular shape in my application which I am rotating fixing one of its side, and rotating around the X axis. The rotation looks something like the following figure (grey denotes the current rotation that I am getting with this figure)

I am using the following code to get this rotation

Code :
    glTranslatef(position of the axis point which has to be fixed for rotation);
    glRotatef(rotationAmount, 1,0,0);
    glTranslatef(-position of the axis point which has to be fixed for rotation);
    Rectangle(xPosition, Position,200,100);

However, I have to rotate this same figure with an additional rotation around y axis around one of its side (green arrow direction in the figure). How do I rotate this rectangle such that it keeps on rotating around x-axis and around y-axis simaltaneously?

I did try adding another glRotatef(rotateAroundYaxis amount,0,1,0) but the output does not actually looks like what I was expecting. The figure rotates in two quadrants instead of rotating around y-axis like a simple page turn.

While if I try these two rotations independently using only one of them in the program (not both of them together), i.e.

Code :

I do get the required X and Y rotations independently, but when together, it combines into some weird rotation effect.