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Thread: MSAA with maginification's simple question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Photon View Post
    Yes, if your GPU/driver supports OpenGL 4.3 and/or ARB_stencil_texturing.

    If not, probably some PBO copy games you can play to "retype" a stencil or depth/stencil texture so you can read it in the shader.
    Then can you tell me if I have a hardware support OpenGL 4.3 and ARB_stencil_texturing, I can use a shader program to control the stencil buffer sampling in my own way?

    If so, can you tell me such a program is a part of a vertex shader program or a part of a fragment shader program or an indenpendent shader program which is separated from the former two?

    And can you tell me whether a hardware supports opengl 4.3 and ARB_stencil_texturing can be tested by what software? I have tried AIDA64, but it seems that the newest opengl version can be tested by it is only 4.2.

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