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Thread: Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenFramebuffers' in DLL 'opengl32.dll'.

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    Question Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenFramebuffers' in DLL 'opengl32.dll'.

    I use OpenTK, VC# 2008 Express and get the following error when calling
    Code :
    Code :

    Code :
    "Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenFramebuffers' in DLL 'opengl32.dll'."

    I have tried it on two different computers, one gaming comp with an Nvidia 8800GTX, and one mini-laptop with Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (updating the drivers did not solve the problem).

    Before switching to OpenTK i used Tao framework. I had an error in the same place, although the error with Tao was "NullReference".

    I had a friend run the same code on his computer, (VC# 2010) and he did not get any errors!

    This is my first OpenGl application, and i haven't got a clue on how to continue...


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    glGenFramebuffers requires GL 3.0.
    an open source GLU replacement library. Much more modern than GLU.
    float matrix[16], inverse_matrix[16];
    glhTranslatef2(matrix, 0.0, 0.0, 5.0);
    glhRotateAboutXf2(matrix, angleInRadians);
    glhScalef2(matrix, 1.0, 1.0, -1.0);
    glhQuickInvertMatrixf2(matrix, inverse_matrix);
    glUniformMatrix4fv(uniformLocation1, 1, FALSE, matrix);
    glUniformMatrix4fv(uniformLocation2, 1, FALSE, inverse_matrix);

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