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Thread: equalizer and video

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    equalizer and video


    a am very interested in the scalablity of equalizer.
    but my application is mostly limited to video upload
    capabilites: he performance bottleneck by now is to
    upload a lot of video data ( mutliple hd and larger )
    into PBOs.
    How does a parallelizing and abstracting framework
    like equalizer work with such a scenario? Will the
    problem/bottleneck be worse?

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    Re: equalizer and video

    The video upload is application code from Equalizer's point of view. You'll find example code on how to do that using google. Equalizer will run the rendering in parallel on all your GPU's. It is your task to optimize the rendering given the current region drawn by each channel.

    If you map your video onto a quad, the frustum will take care of positioning the video correctly on each channel.

    If you always render viewport-aligned quads, use Channel::getViewport to select the video sub-range to display on each channel.

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    Re: equalizer and video

    Btw - the eq-dev mailing list (or associated forum) is the better place to ask.

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