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Thread: PS3 and OpenGL

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    PS3 and OpenGL

    I realize this is not exactly the correct forum to ask this but...

    As some of you may or may not know, the Playstation 3 is going to support an embedded OpenGL (2.0?) implementation.

    To me (a programmer and supporter of OpenGL) I find the comming XBOX 360 (powered by Direct3D) versus Playstation 3 battle for home console dominance fascinating.

    Although these consoles are still in the pre-life stages, the question I have is this: What online resource or forum would be the best place to follow the thoughts or comments of the community that is creating games for these systems?

    Also, any comments you might have on this subject would be appreciated.


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    Re: PS3 and OpenGL

    Not here, there are technical groups but AFAIK there are also NDA agreements that everyone is under for now.

    The OpenGL|ES 2.0 implementation on the PS3 will almost certaily be heavily extended (if you read the spec you'll see that all the fixed function stuff is gone). I bet it'll be a full on balls to the wall NVIDIA OpenGL implementation with the OpenGL|ES name used to eliminate some cruft and conformance crap, but you'll get a very high quality and functional front end.

    The details hardly matter anyway, it's a console, developers will write custom graphics code for it and that code will be free to use all the extensions and capabilities available on the console without portability issues. It'll be a heck of a lot better than writing graphics code for the PS2, developers will love it (the ones with sense).

    Developers on either console will be talking shop & discussing algorithms & implememtation details if they talk, they won't be debating PS3 vs XBOX360, you'll have to discuss that with the tire kickers. Good luck with that.

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