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Thread: Load JPEG file into OpenGL

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    Load JPEG file into OpenGL

    I am totally new in OpenGL. Probably my question had been asked before.
    I plan to make project to show 360 degree viewing of an area such as virtual tour.
    I have about 20 pictures of the area and trying to load it into OpenGL so that I can manipulate it using clipping or zooming the object.
    Is there any way to do it ?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Load JPEG file into OpenGL

    You probably need a copy of 'jpeg.lib' to read in jpeg images. I can't tell you much about it, because I've only seen a copy of jpeg.lib for Visual C++, and I use Borland.

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    Re: Load JPEG file into OpenGL

    jpeg-lib is pretty easy to use for c as well, other stuff about for delphi. Can you stich your 20 images and map it to the inside of a sphere?

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