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Talk with Demo of NVIDIA’s OpenGL 4.3 Compute Shaders

Aug 20, 2012

Watch as Mark Kilgard at SIGGRAPH 2012 explains what’s new with NVIDIA’s OpenGL 4.3 driver support for GeForce and Quadro GPUs. The talk includes demos of OpenGL 4.3’s new compute shader functionality for particle systems and image processing. Or review the slides.

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Posted on 08/20 at 06:53 PM


Ok before people start ranting about OpenGL 4.3 not supporting one Direct3D 11.1 without considering how many features OpenGL 4.3 supports that Direct3D 11.1 doesn’t and answer the question of what’s the equivalent for Target-independent rasterization in OpenGL, it’s both ARB_shader_image_load_store (OpenGL 4.2) and ARB_framebuffer_no_attachment (OpenGL 4.3).

Posted by Christophe Riccio  on  08/20  at  09:49 PM

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