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The wiki is a good resource, and I'm always interested in improving it. However, I have some feature requests that are important for making the Wiki a better place.

MediaWiki Version

The first is to update to MediaWiki version 1.18. It's a rather recent version, and I'm confident that a certain bug will be fixed in it. That bug governs categories with lots of elements in them.

I'm attempting to put the entire OpenGL API in the wiki (so that errors can be corrected much more quickly than with Bugzilla reports). I started from the DocBook man pages, using a specialized XSLT to convert them to MediaWiki format. That worked great... except for one problem. The category page for GL 4.x's API has an issue. If you press the "next 200" link, nothing changes.

This was a known bug in MediaWiki, which I believe they corrected in version 1.18. Since the current GL Wiki is still on 1.17, there's a problem.

Thanks for the Math fix, and I noticed you updated to 1.18. When that didn't seem to fix the issue on that category page, I filed a bug report on it. According to the response to the bug, the problem comes from the CategoryTree extension. If we're still using an older version of that, could you upgrade it to the latest version? If it still doesn't work after the upgrade, let me know so I can re-open the bug.
Thanks for the help. Alfonse 05:38, 27 January 2012 (PST)
We are on the latest version of CategoryTree, but turns out on the wrong branch. I've updated to the latest branch and latest revision. Let me know if this works out for you. I'll go through and verify the other extensions to be sure we are on the latest branch for everything.
Webmaster 06:32, 27 January 2012 (PST)

Math support

The next thing that would be great would be proper support for the <math> tag. The parser can process it, but that alone is insufficient. The <math> tag is intrinsically bound to the MediaWiki Math Extension. Without that extension, you just get an error when you try to use the <math> tag.

In order to fully bring the man pages into the Wiki, we need the ability to create math equations. They'd also be great for several other pages. Wouldn't this page on depth buffer precision work much better if it used real equations rather than unformatted inline text?

Updated the Math extension. Sample:

\operatorname {erfc}(x)={\frac  {2}{{\sqrt  {\pi }}}}\int _{x}^{{\infty }}e^{{-t^{2}}}\,dt={\frac  {e^{{-x^{2}}}}{x{\sqrt  {\pi }}}}\sum _{{n=0}}^{\infty }(-1)^{n}{\frac  {(2n)!}{n!(2x)^{{2n}}}}

Webmaster 13:20, 23 January 2012 (PST)


There are certain elements of presentation that could be better in the Wiki. Without access to the CSS's that the Wiki uses, these cannot be altered.

For example, take the <source> tag. This tag includes syntax highlighting, which is excellent (though the GLSL syntax highlighter could use some updating for GLSL 4.20 and all). But the size of the source box is just too big and noticeable.

Contrast the difference between this:

void glMultiDrawArrays( GLenum mode, GLint * first, GLsizei * count, GLsizei primcount );

and this:

void glMultiDrawArrays( GLenum mode, GLint * first, GLsizei * count, GLsizei primcount );

The large bars at the top and bottom take up too much space. The font is also needlessly bigger and bulkier.

It would also be good if the CSS had some constraints on it for exceptionally wide source for <pre> and <source> tags. That way, wide text would just create a scrollbar rather than breaking the page layout.

This can be done by setting the overflow CSS property for these elements to "auto". You could also use the max-height property on <source> elements to constrain the height of these elements. Those elements that exceed the height would get their own vertical scroll bars.

Alfonse 11:23, 23 January 2012 (PST)

Would this page help?
Webmaster 13:20, 23 January 2012 (PST)
That worked out quite well, thank you. I've got the <source> tags working reasonably well. Take a look at the tutorial pages to see how much better they are with the inner scrollbar. The only issue is that I can't do anything about the regular <pre> tags. That's because the Geshi.css is only included if a page uses the <source> tag. I think that's something you would have to do internally with the main Wiki .css file. Alfonse 18:47, 29 January 2012 (PST)

New Wiki-version oddness.

The new version of the Wiki is good overall, especially the category tree fix, but there are a few oddities that came along with it.

First, the edit page has a different style to it. While that style is a bit more minimalist, it doesn't convey nearly the information that the old one did. The biggest difference is the lack of a link to the Help:Cheatsheet page, which is useful if you've forgotten some bit of formatting.

There is a 'Help' drop down now with all (I think) of the hints from the cheatsheet. Does this work out well for you?

Second, there is no preview button in the page editor. I know one of the special editors you can set from preferences has a preview function, but it would be good to not have to use that particular JavaScript-based editor in order to get a preview.

There is a Preview Tab, along with a preview Changes tab. How do these stack up for you?

The other thing is that, at least on my Firefox 9, the Search textbox behaves very oddly. Putting the cursor on it causes a horizontal scrollbar to appear, which obscures most of the text you're trying to enter. Alfonse 18:52, 29 January 2012 (PST)

Search field issue is resolved.
It is possible that all these features don't show for you if you are using a different editor. Please clarify for me if you are using a different editor, and how you switched to it. I've only ever used the default editor. The change occurred when we upgrade the Vector Theme for MediaWiki which now was WikiEditor as a separate extension. I'll be happy to try and sort this out so it works better for you, if I can understand the problem better
Webmaster 16:10, 8 February 2012 (PST)