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[[Category:Portal Templates]]
[[Category:Portal Templates]]
<div class="portal-panel" style="{{ #if: {{{background|}}} | background-color: {{{background}}};|}} {{#if: {{{border|}}}|border-color: {{{border}}}; border-width: 0px;|}}">{{{1}}}</div></includeonly>
<div class="portal-panel" style="{{ #if: {{{background|}}} | background-color: {{{background}}};|}} {{#if: {{{border|}}}|border-color: {{{border}}};|border-width: 0px;}}">{{{1}}}</div></includeonly>

Latest revision as of 21:55, 14 February 2013

Background for regions that contain portals. Has one positional argument: the actual text. Uses the following parameters:

  • background​: The background color. If not specified, there is no background color.
  • border​: The border color. If not specified, there is no border.