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These are libraries or applications that aid in debugging OpenGL programs. Some are platform-neutral, while others are platform-specific.


A tool that can trace the execution of any OpenGL functions in an application. It can extract images, shaders, and so forth. It also automatically logs all OpenGL function calls. Works on Windows and somewhat on Linux.
OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenCL Debugger, Profiler and Memory Analyzer For Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iPhone. Has reached end-of-life and will not be updated.

Platform-specific debuggers:

AMD hardware-specific tool for debugging OpenGL and OpenCL applications. It is primarily focused on OpenCL applications, but it does have some OpenGL functionality. It allows tracing of OpenGL calls, shader debugging, and profiling. It requires Radeon HD5xxx hardware or better, and possibly an AMD CPU.
NVIDIA hardware-specific tool for debugging OpenGL and CUDA applications. It provides tracing of OpenGL calls, shader debugging, and profiling support. Full functionality requires GeForce GT4xx hardware or better; functionality can be obtained for GeForce 9xxx+ hardware, but only with two separate machines.