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| valign="top" width="33%" |
| valign="top" width="33%" |
{{main page block|[[OpenGL Object]]s|
{{main page block|[[OpenGL Object]]s|
* [[Buffer Object]]s
{{object list|short}} }}
** [[Pixel Buffer Object]]s
** [[Buffer Object Streaming]]
* [[Texture]]s
** [[Sampler Object]]s
** [[Image Format|Image formats]]
** [[Pixel Transfer|Pixel transfer operations]]
** [[Cubemap Texture]]s
** [[Array Texture]]s
** [[Buffer Texture]]s
* [[Query Object|Asynchronous query objects]]
* [[Framebuffer Object]]s
** [[Default Framebuffer]]
** [[Renderbuffer Object]]s
* '''Unconventional objects:'''
** [[Sync Object]]s
** [[GLSL Object|Shader and program objects]]
| valign="top" width="30%" |
| valign="top" width="30%" |
{{main page block|[[Rendering Pipeline Overview|Rendering pipeline]]|
{{main page block|[[Rendering Pipeline Overview|Rendering pipeline]]|
{{pipeline list|short}}
{{pipeline list|short}} }}  
| valign="top" width="37%" |  
| valign="top" width="37%" |
{{main page block|[[OpenGL Shading Language]]|
{{main page block|OpenGL Shading Language|
{{shader list|short}} }}
* [[GLSL Core Language|The language and basic syntax]]
* [[GLSL Object|Shader objects and compilation]]
* [[GLSL Types|Variable types]]
** [[GLSL Type Qualifiers|Type qualifiers]]
** [[GLSL Uniform|Uniform variables]]
** [[GLSL Sampler|Sampler variables]]
** [[Image Load Store|Image variables]]
* [[GLSL Predefined Variables|Built-in variables]]
* [[GLSL Interface Block|Interface blocks]]
** [[Uniform Buffer Object|Uniform blocks]]
** [[Shader Storage Buffer Object|Shader storage blocks]]
* '''Shader stages:'''
** [[Vertex Shader]]
** [[Tessellation Shader]]s
** [[Geometry Shader]]
** [[Fragment Shader]]
* [[Shading_languages|Other shading languages]]

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