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Core in version 4.5
Core since version 3.0

glFramebufferRenderbuffer: attach a renderbuffer as a logical buffer to the currently bound framebuffer object

Function Definition

 GLsync glFramebufferRenderbuffer(GLenum target​, GLenum attachment​, GLenum renderbuffertarget​, GLuint renderbuffer​);
Specifies the framebuffer target. target​ must be GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER​, GL_READ_FRAMEBUFFER​, or GL_FRAMEBUFFER​. GL_FRAMEBUFFER​ is equivalent to GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER​.
Specifies the attachment point of the framebuffer.
Specifies the renderbuffer target and must be GL_RENDERBUFFER​.
Specifies the name of an existing renderbuffer object of type renderbuffertarget​ to attach.


glFramebufferRenderbuffer attaches a renderbuffer as one of the logical buffers of the currently bound framebuffer object. renderbuffer​ is the name of the renderbuffer object to attach and must be either zero, or the name of an existing renderbuffer object of type renderbuffertarget​. If renderbuffer​ is not zero and if glFramebufferRenderbuffer is successful, then the renderbuffer name renderbuffer​ will be used as the logical buffer identified by attachment​ of the framebuffer currently bound to target​.

The value of GL_FRAMEBUFFER_ATTACHMENT_OBJECT_TYPE​ for the specified attachment point is set to GL_RENDERBUFFER​ and the value of GL_FRAMEBUFFER_ATTACHMENT_OBJECT_NAME​ is set to renderbuffer​. All other state values of the attachment point specified by attachment​ are set to their default values. No change is made to the state of the renderbuuffer object and any previous attachment to the attachment​ logical buffer of the framebuffer target​ is broken.

Calling glFramebufferRenderbuffer with the renderbuffer name zero will detach the image, if any, identified by attachment​, in the framebuffer currently bound to target​. All state values of the attachment point specified by attachment in the object bound to target are set to their default values.

Setting attachment​ to the value GL_DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT​ is a special case causing both the depth and stencil attachments of the framebuffer object to be set to renderbuffer​, which should have the base internal format GL_DEPTH_STENCIL​.


GL_INVALID_ENUM​ is generated if target​ is not one of the accepted tokens.

GL_INVALID_ENUM​ is generated if renderbuffertarget​ is not GL_RENDERBUFFER​.

GL_INVALID_OPERATION​ is generated if zero is bound to target​.

See Also

glGenFramebuffers, glBindFramebuffer, glGenRenderbuffers, glFramebufferTexture, glFramebufferTexture1D, glFramebufferTexture2D, glFramebufferTexture3D


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