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Core in version 4.5
Core since version 1.5

glBufferSubData: updates a subset of a buffer object's data store

Function Definition

 void glBufferSubData(GLenum target​, GLintptr offset​, GLsizeiptr size​, const GLvoid * data​);
Specifies the target buffer object. The symbolic constant must be GL_ATOMIC_COUNTER_BUFFER, GL_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER, GL_UNIFORM_BUFFER or GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER.
Specifies the offset into the buffer object's data store where data replacement will begin, measured in bytes.
Specifies the size in bytes of the data store region being replaced.
Specifies a pointer to the new data that will be copied into the data store.


glBufferSubData redefines some or all of the data store for the buffer object currently bound to target​. Data starting at byte offset offset​ and extending for size​ bytes is copied to the data store from the memory pointed to by data​. An error is thrown if offset​ and size​ together define a range beyond the bounds of the buffer object's data store.


When replacing the entire data store, consider using glBufferSubData rather than completely recreating the data store with glBufferData. This avoids the cost of reallocating the data store.

Consider using multiple buffer objects to avoid stalling the rendering pipeline during data store updates. If any rendering in the pipeline makes reference to data in the buffer object being updated by glBufferSubData, especially from the specific region being updated, that rendering must drain from the pipeline before the data store can be updated.

Clients must align data elements consistent with the requirements of the client platform, with an additional base-level requirement that an offset within a buffer to a datum comprising N bytes be a multiple of N.

The GL_ATOMIC_COUNTER_BUFFER target is available only if the GL version is 4.2 or greater.

The GL_DISPATCH_INDIRECT_BUFFER and GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER targets are available only if the GL version is 4.3 or greater.


GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if target​ is not one of the accepted buffer targets.

GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if offset​ or size​ is negative, or if together they define a region of memory that extends beyond the buffer object's allocated data store.

GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if the reserved buffer object name 0 is bound to target​.

GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if the buffer object being updated is mapped.

Associated Gets


See Also

glBindBuffer, glBufferData, glInvalidateBufferSubData, glClearBufferSubData, glCopyBufferSubData, glMapBufferRange, glUnmapBuffer


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