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Appendix C. Bugle manual pages

Table of Contents

bugle — An OpenGL debugging library
bugle-statistics — specify formulae and metadata for bugle statistics
gldb-gui — graphical OpenGL debugger
bugle-camera — allow the camera to be manipulated
bugle-checks — check for errors that OpenGL defines as undefined behaviour
bugle-contextattribs — override attributes during context creation
bugle-eps — captures vector graphics representatios of scenes
bugle-error — detect errors in OpenGL calls
bugle-exe — record a compilable log of OpenGL calls made
bugle-extoverride — hide OpenGL extensions from an application
bugle-frontbuffer — force rendering to the front buffer
bugle-log — configure logging output from other filter-sets
bugle-logdebug — send GL debug log to bugle log
bugle-logstats — log statistics to file
bugle-screenshot — takes screenshots and captures video
bugle-showerror — reports errors in OpenGL calls
bugle-showextensions — show which extensions are used by an OpenGL application
bugle-showstats — render statistics over the display
bugle-stats_basic — gather frame rate statistics
bugle-stats_calls — gather call frequency count
bugle-stats_calltimes — gather call timing
bugle-stats_fragments — gather fragment counts
bugle-stats_nv — gather performance data from NVPerfSDK
bugle-stats_primitives — gather triangle and batch counts
bugle-trace — record a log of OpenGL calls made
bugle-unwindstack — recover a stack trace after a segmentation fault
bugle-wireframe — force rendering in wireframe mode

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