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bugle-logdebug — send GL debug log to bugle log


filterset logdebug


The logdebug installs a callback using glDebugMessageCallbackARB and reports any GL debug log messages to the bugle log.

Note that this will only be effective in a debug context. If your application does not already create a debug context, you can use the bugle-contextattribs(7) filter-set to achieve this.

The GL severities GL_DEBUG_SEVERITY_HIGH_ARB, GL_DEBUG_SEVERITY_MEDIUM_ARB and GL_DEBUG_SEVERITY_LOW_ARB are mapped to the log levels warning, notice and info, which allows lower-severity messages to be filtered out.



If set to yes, then GL_DEBUG_OUTPUT_SYNCHRONOUS will be enabled.


It is not recommended to use this filter-set with an application that uses the ARB_debug_output extension itself. Messages will be forwarded to the application's callback, but the filter-set will modify the set of messages that is enabled and this will be observable to the application. Enabling and disabling the filter-set on the fly may also have unexpected effects if the application changes the set of enabled messages.


bugle is written and maintained by Bruce Merry.

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