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Chapter 1. Introduction

Bugle is an toolkit for debugging and profiling OpenGL applications. It consists of two parts: a collection of filter-sets that observe and sometimes modify calls to the OpenGL API, and a graphical debugger that helps in examining state, setting breakpoints, and capturing errors.

Bugle is still in active development, and is considered alpha. What this means is that while there are a lot of features, any given one of them might be broken on any given day. If you do find a bug, please let me know by filing a bug in trac.

To get started with bugle, first read the installation instructions, and refer to the FAQ if you run into any problems. If you just want to use the debugger, you can skip straight to its manual page. Otherwise, start with the overview manual page for bugle to learn how to use it, then find the filter-sets you want in the reference manual.

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