Equalizer Examples



Equalizer is the standard middleware to create parallel OpenGL-based applications. It enables applications to benefit from multiple graphics cards, processors and computers to scale rendering performance, visual quality and display size. An Equalizer-based application runs unmodified on any visualization system, from a simple workstation to large scale graphics clusters, multi-GPU workstations and Virtual Reality installations.


Equalizer is written in standard C++. It is running on Windows XP, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X systems. Equalizer is written in a portable way, and has been tested on 32 bit and 64 bit little endian and big endian systems.

Use Cases

An Equalizer application can be configured at runtime to be used in a wide range of parallel rendering scenarios, for example:



Equalizer is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), which allows distribution with commercial and open-source applications. Commercial support and development services are available from Eyescale Software GmbH.

Top image copyright Realtime Technology AG, 2008.

Bottom image courtesy University of Siegen, 2008.