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The OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter Volume 002
Q4 2006

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The main task for the new OpenGL ARB Working Group is to deliver two new OpenGL releases in 2007. The first one, code named OpenGL “Longs Peak” (the actual releases will have version numbers), is slated to be released in summer 2007. The second one, code named OpenGL “Mt. Evans,” is targeted for an October 2007 release. Read on →

One SDK to Rule Them All

The Ecosystem TSG has been focused on one goal this past quarter: delivering an OpenGL SDK. We intend the SDK to serve as one-stop-shopping for the tools and reference materials that developers desire in order to effectively and efficiently target the OpenGL API. This includes: documenation, samples, libraries, tools and conformance tests. Read on →

The New Object Model

The Object Model TSG has been working diligently on the new object model. Object management in OpenGL is changing considerably. There will soon be a consistent way to create, edit, share and use objects. Read on →

Platform TSG Update

The Platform TSG deals with issues specific to the various platforms on which OpenGL is implemented. In practice this means we're responsible for the GLX and WGL APIs that support OpenGL drivers running within the platform native window system, as well as being the liaison to EGL, which is specified by the OpenKODE API. Read on →

“Clean” your OpenGL usage using gDEBugger

Cleaning up your application's OpenGL usage is the first step to optimize your application and gain better performance. In this article we will demonstrate how gDEBugger helps you verify that your application uses OpenGL correctly and calls the OpenGL API commands you expect it to call. Read on →

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