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The OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter - Volume 003

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A First Glimpse at the OpenGL SDK

By the time you see this article, the new SDK mentioned in the Autumn edition of OpenGL Pipeline will be public. I will not hide my intentions under layers of pretense; my goal here is to entice you to go check it out. I will try to be subtle.


The SDK is divided into categories. Drop-down menus allow you to navigate directly to individual resources, or you can click on a category heading to visit a page with a more detailed index of what's in there.

SDK Header

The reference pages alone make the SDK a place you'll keep coming back to. If you're like me, reaching for the "blue book" is second nature any time you have a question about an OpenGL command. These same pages can be found in the SDK, only we've taken them beyond OpenGL 1.4. They're now fully updated to reflect the OpenGL 2.1 API! No tree killing, no heavy lifting, just a few clicks to get your answers.

Reference Pages

The selection of 3rd-party contributions is slowly growing with a handful of libraries, tools, and tutorials. Surf around (, and be sure to check back often. We're just getting started!

Benj Lipchak, AMD
Ecosystem Technical SubGroup Chair

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