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The OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter - Volume 002

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Platform TSG Update

The Platform TSG is one of the more specialized subgroups within the new ARB. Our charter is, broadly, to deal with issues specific to the various platforms on which OpenGL is implemented. In practice this means we're responsible for the GLX and WGL APIs that support OpenGL drivers running within the platform native window system, as well as being the liaison to EGL, which is specified by the OpenKODE Graphics TSG within Khronos.

We also will look at general OS and driver integration issues such as platform ABIs and Device Driver Interfaces, reference libraries, and so on, although much of this work may be performed primarily outside Khronos. For example, the Linux ABI is being updated within the Linux Standards Base project, although Khronos members are significant contributors to that work.

Currently, we are finishing up GLX protocol to support vertex buffer objects, based on work Ian Romanick of IBM has been doing within Mesa. This will lead to an updated GLX Protocol specification in the relatively near future.

Jon Leech
Platform TSG Interim Chair

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