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The OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter - Volume 001

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Free OpenGL Debug Tools for Academic Users

Here is some great news for students and academic OpenGL users!  The OpenGL ARB and Graphic Remedy have crafted an Academic Program to make the full featured gDEBugger OpenGL debug toolkit available for use in your daily work and research—free of charge!

gDEBuggergDEBugger, for those of you who are not familiar with it yet, is a powerful OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler delivering one of the most intuitive OpenGL development toolkits available for graphics application developers.  gDEBugger helps you save precious debugging time and boost your application’s performance.  It traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API to provide the necessary information to find bugs and to optimize application rendering performance.

gDEBugger window

The ARB-Graphic Remedy Academic Program will run for one year during which time any OpenGL developer who is able to confirm they are in academia will receive an Academic gDEBugger License from Graphic Remedy at no cost.  This license will be valid for one year and will include all gDEBugger software updates as they become available.  Academic licensees may also optionally decide to purchase an annual support contract for the software at the reduced rate of $45 (or $950 for an academic institution).

There are also a limited number of free licenses available for non-commercial developers who are not in academia.

gDEBugger is rapidly developing a strong following.  It is already being used in many universities and by graphics hardware vendors such as NVIDIA and ATI.  It is being put to use in the realms of game development, film, visual simulations, medical applications, military and defense applications, CAD, and several other markets.  There is no need to make any changes to your source code or recompile your application.  Simply run your application in gDEBugger and start tuning it.  gDEBugger works with all current graphic hardware products.  It supports NVIDIA GPU performance counters via NVPerfKit, NVIDIA GLExpert driver reports, ATI GPU Performance Metrics, the latest version of OpenGL and many additional OpenGL and WGL extensions.  It is available for the Windows operating system with a Linux version under development.  The Windows and future Linux versions are part of the ARB—Graphic Remedy Academic Program.  gDEBugger ES, which supports OpenGL ES, is available for purchase separately.

Graphic Remedy, the makers of gDEBugger, specializes in software applications for the 3D graphics market, specifically tools for 3D graphics developers.  The company’s mission is to design innovative tools that make 3D graphics programming faster and easier, to save programmers time and money, and to improve graphics application performance and reliability.  The company is a Contributor member in the OpenGL ARB and in the Khronos Group.

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