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Windows Vista to support OpenGL ICDs for Aeroglass compositing desktop

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Mar 15, 2006

Microsoft has enabled support for OpenGL ICDs that work with the Windows Vista compositing desktop, as of the February preview build.  This is taken from a Microsoft blog:
“Windows Vista ICD’s - this is a new path for 3rd party ICD’s introduced for Windows Vista that will work in a way that is compatible with desktop composition. Essentially allowing direct access to the GPU for hardware accellaration, but then having the final surface that appears to be the front buffer to the application actually be a shared surface that gets composed by the DWM”.
This means that the OpenGL API and the Aeroglass window manager will work in harmony and fully accelerated once the hardware vendors get their Vista ICDs written and released.
Kudos to all developers who contacted their ISVs/HSVs to ensure that OpenGL was fully supported under Vista. You made the difference.

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