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VRMesh 4.0 OpenGL API-based mesh modeler for scan data processing

VirtualGrid Company announces the release of VRMesh v4.0, a free-form OpenGL API-based 3d mesh modeler for arbitrary triangle mesh creation and processing. The new v4.0 adds point cloud-processing module, the Level-of-Detail (LOD) display for handling large dataset, new mesh editing commands for combining multiple objects into one watertight object smoothly, and new digital clay tools for deforming and stamping texture. Meanwhile, many key features are enhanced, such as global registration, point clouds to meshes, remesh smoothing with preserving sharp edges, emboss texture. VRmesh can be included with 3D scanners and RP systems for a broad range of applications, such as automotive, consumer products, medical and dental, education, etc.

Oct 19, 2007 | Read article... | Permalink

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