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Voreen OpenGL based volumn renderer releases a new snapshot

A new snapshot release of the Voreen volume rendering engine based on OpenGL is available via the public SVN server, and also as a Windows installer version in the download section at The release contains multiple improvements as compared to the previous version of Voreen. Some highlights are: -Integrated application development by providing a development mode and a visualization mode. Within the development mode, a developer may edit networks and choose which properties should be editable in a final application. In the visualization mode the visualization can be tuned by editing the visible properties. -Introduction of the workspace concept, where the status of the current application is serialized, including loaded network, data sets and property values. - Improved transfer function editor to support 1D and 2D transfer functions. - Integrated volume preprocessing processors. See volumeinversion.vnw for a basic example network. - Added ZIP support for handling multiple volume data sets.

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