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VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) Version 1.9 Released

VMD 1.9 adds support for several new stereoscopic display modes, new GLSL shaders and material properties for angle-modulated transparency, and many improvements to ray tracing and movie making features. The new release supports export of molecular scenes to X3D and X3DOM for interactive display of molecules in WebGL capable browsers, and for interchange with other 3-D visualization applications. VMD 1.9 also improves export of molecular scenes to Wavefront OBJ format, for use in external animation and rendering tools such as Autodesk Maya. The latest version also adds support for multi-GPU CUDA acceleration of quantum chemistry molecular orbital display, and initial support for OpenCL GPU acceleration, and MPI parallel analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories. Many new and improved structure building and analysis plugins are also included in the new version.

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