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VirtualGL v1.0 allows Unix/Linux OpenGL API applications to be displayed to thin clients

VirtualGL v1.0 is a framework for allowing Unix/Linux OpenGL API applications to be displayed to thin clients.  VirtualGL runs on an application server, equipped with 3D accelerator hardware.  It intercepts GLX calls made by applications and re-routes OpenGL rendering contexts into Pbuffers on the application server’s 3D hardware.  VGL monitors calls such as glXSwapBuffers(), glFinish(), etc., to determine when a frame has finished rendering and is ready to be read back and sent to the client display.  VirtualGL can be used to provide hardware-accelerated 3D capabilities to VNC, and it can also be used as a higher-performing alternative to remote GLX.  Instead of passing vertex and texture data over the network, VirtualGL passes only compressed images over the network, so its performance is not dependent on the amount of data being rendered.  It has been tested with a variety of Linux applications and games (32-bit and 64-bit), with more being added all the time.

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