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Version 0.6.0 of the Lightfeather 3D engine has been released

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Nov 26, 2007

The new version of Lightfeather 3D engine—an open source 3D Engine for Mac, Windows and Linux—supports geometry shaders, dynamic environment mapping and ngPlant models. A new tutorial shows the usage of the more advanced features of the included GUI. A generator for large terrains has been integrated into the terrain editor. Development of Lightfeather started in May 2005 and features Support for GLSL and Cg shaders, Support for HDR rendering, Support for MRT (multiple render targets), Various culling methods (Portals, Octtrees, Occlusion culling, PVS), Skeletal and Morphing Animation, Exporter for Blender to Lightfeather’s lfm format, Converter for some model formats to lfm format, Simple but powerful Post-Processing Framework, Paging terrain with splatting, Built-in GUI, Tools like Particle system-editor, terrain-editor, material-editor and tutorials.

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