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SWEngine (2D Game Engine)

SWEngine is free 2D Game Engine which use OpenGL, Glew and GLSL in it’s framework. It has simple api and good api doc so it can learned easily. And nearly 40 tutorial shows you how this engine api used. Features * Application Framework (Application Settings, Game Loop, Time Synchronization) * Display Mechanism (Renderer, Layer Mechanism, Culling, Camera Control, GPU Programming, Item Display Control) * Audio Mechanism (Sound and Music Controls) * User Interaction Handling (Keyboard, Mouse) * Resource Handling (TGA, Shader and music files management) * Physics Mechanism (Fluid Simulation, Particle Systems, Rigid Body Simulation) * Game Helpers (Animators, Compositors, Sprite, Behavior Controllers, Paths) * Windowing System (Automatic Window Generation, Cursor, Toolbar..) * Utility Functions (String, Math, Formatters, etc..)

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