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SilverLining 1.5 Adds Precipitation to 3D Clouds and Sky for OpenGL

Sundog Software announces version 1.5 of its real-time 3D cloud and sky library, SilverLining. In addition to providing physically-based clouds of various types and an accurate simulation of the sky and tone-mapped natural lighting, version 1.5 adds rain and snow effects, 64-bit support, sample code for OpenSceneGraph integration, and significant improvements to the visual quality of clouds in the cumulus family. The new precipitation effects are based on academic research in meteorology surrounding the distribution of particle sizes and their terminal velocities, as well as visual simulation research in how to accurately render the precipitation particles, taking into account the oscillations of the particles as they fall. SilverLining will also adjust the visibility of your scene based on the precipitation type and precipitation rate you specify. Precipitation is attached to individual clouds, so as you pass underneath a rain cloud, rain will start and stop realistically.

Jul 08, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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