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OpenGL Headline News

SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer program blogs on OpenGL-related news - Mon & Tues and are working with the SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer program to give students the opportunity to blog about what they are seeing at the SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference and Exhibition. Below are OpenGL-related summaries from Mon and Tues.

- Stereoscopic 3D (available via Quad Buffering in OpenGL) has a huge presence at the show, particularly stereoscopic 3D for gaming and film / broadcast.
- HP and Dell and Lenovo all announce OpenGL-based 3D mobile workstations.

- Maya 2009 adds a new particle system that doesn’t require writing expressions.  It also has a built-in stereo camera rig.  Stereo 3D support is apparently being added to all Autodesk products.
- Two student took a tour of the AMD booth to check out OpenGL accelerated real-time lighting, the Radeon Froblin demo, and the new FirePro line.

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