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S2PLOT version 2.0 released

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Jan 17, 2008

We are pleased to announce the release of S2PLOT version 2.00, which is now available for download from S2PLOT is an advanced three-dimensional plotting library with support for standard and enhanced display devices. The S2PLOT library was written in C and can be used with C, C++ and FORTRAN programs on GNU/Linux, Apple/OSX and GNU/Cygwin systems. The S2PLOT architecture supports dynamic geometry and can be used to plot both static and time-evolving data sets. S2PLOT is based on the OpenGL graphics library. S2PLOT is aimed at enabling scientists to incorporate 3-d graphics directly in their C and FORTRAN codes, and provides a lightweight functional interface to do so. The programming interface is inspired by PGPLOT which is popular among astronomers for its simplicity but extensive capability.

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