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Real-Time OpenGL Stereoscopy for Architecture : DS Improve virtually reconstructs Brussels’ cultural

DS Improve SA has reconstructed in high-quality real-time 3D the touristic Sablon area in Brussels (Belgium/Europe), known for its old antique dealers, luxury chocolate shops and restaurants and the “Notre-Dame des Victoires” church (a gothic church from the XVth century). The custom visualization engine was developed internally and is compatible with OpenGL, Direct3D, SLI, CrossFireX, multi-screens, stereoscopy and assorted control devices (mouse, analog pad, wiimote, ...). It runs with real-time performance without precalculation on current high-end 3D graphics with GLSL/Cg/HLSL advanced screen space effects enabled (dynamic ambient occlusion, indirect lighting, dynamic soft shadows, high dynamic range, volumetric lights, image based lighting). OpenGL was the only choice to enable fullscreen and windowed quad-buffer active stereoscopy on high-end professionnal NVidia Quadro and AMD FireGL graphics cards.

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