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POGL and ImageMagick Collaboration

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Jul 06, 2007

Graphcomp, in recent collaboration with the ImageMagick team, has added new APIs to PerlMagick 6.3.5 - providing tight integration between Perl OpenGL (POGL) and IM’s image cache.

Leveraging POGL’s OpenGL::Array objects, Graphcomp has released an extensible OpenGL::Image module that allows developers to share C pointers between IM’s image cache and OpenGL’s textures, FBOs and VBOs - without copying/casting/conversion - for significant performance improvement over IM’s blobs.

This simplifies loading/managing/saving textures/data (IM supports most image formats), and allows developers to use ImageMagick features to process frames.

OpenGL::Image provides a plug-in architecture allowing future support for additional imaging engines.

For developers that do not require all the features of ImageMagick, OpenGL::Image defaults to a built-in pure-Perl Targa engine (uncompressed RGBA).

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