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Phun - 2D physics playground in OpenGL

Phun is an application for creating 2D simulations of physics. It has a cartoony feel to it and is simple and fun to use! The current version is free to download and run for non-commercial use and was developed for HPC2N/VRlab at Umeå university as MSc project in Computing Science by Emil Ernerfeldt. Phun will be used in combination with large interactive displays at Umevatorium, a science center in Umeå, Sweden, but can also be downloaded and run on your own pc. Phun is completely cross-platform, written in C++ and uses OpenGL for rendering. It also uses SDL (for window management and input), SDL_image (for reading images), GLEW (for OpenGL extension management), boost and boost_filesystem. The 2D physics library and the GUI are both based on original code A video of Phun can be seen at Youtube.

Feb 14, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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