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OpenKODE mobile media application developer framework to unite OpenGL ES, OpenVG, OpenMAX, OpenSL ES

Platform variability on mobile devices forces game developers to create different variants of each application. This increases costs and slows widespread release. The new OpenKODE initiative will define a complete and coherent development environment designed to provide all the functionality needed by game developers to create fully portable, high-performance mobile applications. It brings together: OpenGL ES for 3D graphics, OpenMAX for streaming media, OpenVG for vector 2D graphics, OpenSL ES for audio and will define a new user-input API and potentially add new APIs for access to functionality such as multi-player networking and operating system resources, The result will be a complete, coherently designed, reliably available platform that can be implemented across a wide variety of mobile and embedded devices. OpenKODE will also complement Java-based platforms by enabling the rapid development of C-based libraries, gaming engines and applications that can be invoked from Java applications.

Jan 06, 2006 | Read article... | Permalink

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