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OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter Vol 3 covers Long Peak, the SDK, Vista and more

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Feb 23, 2007

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The third edition of OpenGL Pipeline, the quarterly newsletter covering all things the OpenGL standards body has “in the pipeline”, covers a bunch of exciting news and tips: from updates about OpenGL “Longs Peak”  to a first glimpse of the new OpenGL 2.1 SDK to OpenGL running on Vista.

Topics in this issue include:

  • Climbing OpenGL Longs Peak – An OpenGL ARB Progress Update
  • Polygons In Your Pocket: Introducing OpenGL ES
  • A First Glimpse at the OpenGL SDK
  • Using the Longs Peak Object Model
  • ARB Next Gen TSG Update
  • GLSL: Center or Centroid? (Or When Shaders Attack!)
  • OpenGL and Windows Vista
  • Optimize Your Application Performance

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