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OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter - what’s happening with the ARB and OpenGL 2.1

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The first edition of OpenGL Pipeline, the quarterly newsletter covering all things the OpenGL standards body has “in the pipeline”, covers many important issues: from what the OpenGL ARB has been up to, and plans to do, to updates from various working groups and the intended merger with Khronos.

Topics in this issue include:

  • A Message From the ARB Secretary
  • A Welcome Message from the Ecosystem Working Group
  • Free OpenGL Debug Tools for Academic Users
  • Superbuffers Working Group Update
  • New Texture Functions with Awkward Names to Avoid Ugly Artifacts
  • Improved synchronization across GPUs and CPUs - No more glFinish!

For in-person updates visit the SIGGRAPH OpenGL BOF Wednesday 2 August, 4pm-6pm - Room 206A

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