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OpenGL/OpenGL ES development system: myOSx11-GL

myOSx11-GL is a Live CD system with focus on OpenGL/OpenGL ES and Game development, it also tries to be very small so it can run completly from RAM and therefore be faster and more responsive. Live CD image (75Mb) includes Xorg, Xgl/Compiz, Gimp, Blender and Opera. It works on PC and x86 Macintosh with minimum 256Mb system RAM. There are four development Add-Ons with over 100 OpenGL(ES) demos, each SDK is preconfigured so all the sorce code and demos will compile on one simple command: ‘make’ 1.) 10Mb - GLX, native X11 OpenGL interface 2.) 13Mb - Trolltech Qt-X11 OpenGL (Qt Embedded - OpenGL ES) 3.) 22Mb - PowerVR - OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 4.) 2Mb - Scitech SNAP/MGL framebuffer OpenGL (X-less)

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