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NVISION 2008 is coming to San Jose, California, August 25-27

THE FIRST-EVER VISUAL COMPUTING MEGA-EVENT NVISION will gather together top visual computing professionals, world-class gamers, innovative artists and designers, and cutting-edge researchers to share their ideas, experiences, and passions, all into a 55 hour technical conference.  Know OpenGL like the back of your hand? Scale GPUs or develop programs in your sleep?  Then continue to read more about our Professional track at NVISION, and find out how to register today.

NVISION for Professionals delivers three days of direct interaction between NVIDIA technical management and you. NVISION is the only event where you have complete access to NVIDIA’s core architects and engineers over several days. These practical seminars and hands-on training sessions are designed to integrate these latest technologies into your current development cycle. Come to NVISION to go beyond learning what is state of the art and dive into how to exploit the power of the NVIDIA technology you currently have. Talk GPU Physics with PhysX team, ray tracing with mental images engineers, and high-performance computing with the CUDA team. And NVIDIA’s Chief Scientist David Kirk will present, for the first time, NVIDIA’s view of the future of graphics.

Here’s a sneek peek at just a few of the Visual Computing Professional sessions:
- OpenGL and the Future. OpenGL 2.1 presentation plus Q&A with our performance experts.
- Multi-GPU Scaling: Dual NVIDIA GPUs are shipping in laptops today. Do you scale to four GPUs and beyond?
- NVIDIA Scene Graph (NVSG): Learn about NVSG techniques and NVSG-based applications.

For more of the complete Visual Computing Professional track click here.

To find out more visit or register before July 31st for early bird registration and save $50!

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