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NVIDIA talks OpenGL at SIGGRAPH 2012

Going to SIGGRAPH 2012 for the big OpenGL party? Then also check out NVIDIA’s complete schedule of technical content. Tuesday in the booth, Tristan Lorach will explain “nvFX: A New Scene and Material Effect Framework for OpenGL and DirectX”. Wednesday has a full day of technical talks in West Hall Room 503. Mark Kilgard will explain what’s new with “NVIDIA OpenGL in 2012” in the morning; then in the afternoon demo “GPU-Accelerated 2D and Web Rendering” with OpenGL; followed by David McAllister and Phil Miller discussing “GPU Ray Tracing and Optix” involving both CUDA and OpenGL. Thursday in the booth, Pixar will discuss “OpenSubdiv: High Performance GPU Subdivision Surface Drawing” using both GLSL and CUDA for Catmull-Clark subdivision surface rendering. Check out the full NVIDIA schedule for all the talks and demos.

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