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Norbyte releases Rainbow Painter 3 OpenGL based image editor

Norbyte today announced the release of Rainbow Painter 3, a major update to its image editing software for Mac and PC. The program relies on OpenGL to display its 3D GUI. Aimed at professionals and amateurs alike, the new version comes with exciting new features and technologies. It supports 32-bit float/channel HDR, which permits adjustments to be made back and forth without losing quality. There is also a revolutionary new pattern editing mode, which puts the old technique of using a so called “Offset Filter” to achieve seamless tiles to shame. When switching on the repeat function in Rainbow Painter (horizontally, vertically or both), not only will the image be displayed repeatedly, but all effects support this mode and brush strokes will continue over the edges when drawing.

Apr 01, 2009 | Read article... | Permalink

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