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New 3D adventure kick starter using OpenGL

The new 3D adventure game Shades of Sanity is the “spiritual successor” of Sanitarium including some of the DreamForge development team such as Keith Leonard from the old OpenGL Unreal port. The game is a first person 3D horror adventure game inspired by the team’s work on Sanitarium. The 3D engine is new from the ground up and uses OpenGL for rendering. We make heavy use GLSL Shaders, framebuffer_objects, conditional rendering, occlusion query, vertex buffer objects, anisotropic filtering, GLEW, geometry shaders, KHR_debug, etc…. The engine is a lighting prepass renderer with some modern features such as bokeh, bloom, real time ambient occlusion, refraction, and even deferred ray marched reflections.

Aug 19, 2013 | Read article... | Permalink

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