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NeoAxis Engine 0.57 based on Ogre3D (OpenGL DirectX) has been released

NeoAxis Engine Version 0.57 has been released with many changes and bug fixes. The most important features in this release are: - Loading and saving during simulation. Now you can create support for loading and saving world during simulation. - Framework for windowed applications. Creating a windowed applications is now easier. - Material LOD schemes. - Support for dynamic map creation at runtime. - PhysX 2.8.1. - OGRE 1.4.9. - Better Mono Runtime support. - Many changes and bug fixes. NeoAxis Engine is an easy to use general purpose game engine based on Ogre3D (OpenGL, Direct3D), PhysX, FMOD and .NET technologies.

Jul 31, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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