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MeVisLab 2.3 adds advanced rendering features based on GLSL

MeVisLab 2.3 adds several new visualization features based on OpenGL and GLSL: - deep shadow mapping (DSM) and local ambient occlusion (LAO) for Volume Rendering - screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO, HBAO) - percentage closer soft shadows (PCSS) - mixing Volume Rendering and geometry with consistent shading - rendering of 3D geometry intersections on 2D slices (using the geometry shader) - the open source Open Inventor version provided with MeVisLab now supports fast VA/VBO rendering MeVisLab is a cross-platform image processing and visualization application focused on medical imaging. MeVisLab 2.3 is available as free download for non-commercial use for Windows/Linux/MacOS X, including 64bit versions.

Jul 23, 2012 | Read article... | Permalink

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