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Mazatech’s AmanithVG reaches new milestone

Mazatech has released a new version of the AmanithVG engine (now AmanithVG GLE). AmanithVG GLE is an high performance software library for 2D vector graphics, layered on top of OpenGL fixed pipeline and OpenGL ES 1.0+ CM, based on OpenVG 1.0.1 and OpenVG 1.1 specifications. This new milestone implements the whole OpenVG 1.1 features set just using the fixed pipeline, two texture units and a single auxiliary buffer (depth or stencil) only. AmanithVG GLE exploits all available GL extensions to accelerate the rendering and, where it’s not possible, it uses few smart software fallbacks to implement a really small subset of the OpenVG pipeline. Evaluation builds are available for download on the AmanithVG website. AmanithVG internal testsuite results, as well as tests sources, are available on the GLE tests page and the SRE tests page.

Mar 06, 2009 | Read article... | Permalink

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