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LunceoVR Opengl realtime render and augmented reality software version 3.1 online

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Aug 12, 2009

LinceoVR 3.1 is out, with many advanced feature now available:

  • Realtime Animations: import of animated 3D models from any DCC software and play them Realtime on virtual reality (VR) and camera matching mode (Augmented reality).
  • 3D Audio; render of three dimensional positional audio linket to any mesh.
  • Real Time Soft Shadows in Camera Matching mode:
  • real time Opengl soft shadows are now available also in Augmented reality mode,
  • Opengl mode to allow the software to be used by any GPU, in VR and Ar mode
  • Batch rendering: automatic render generator to produce, in batch modality, a complete pictures set of selected permutations of variants in your scenes.

A free trial version, free student version and some videos are available on our site.

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