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LinceoVR 3.0 released, OpenGL realtime AR & VR software for designers, free for the students

Available online LinceoVR 3.0, based on Opengl libraries, uses the most advanced lighting technologies for visualising in real time 3D models in exceptional realistic computer graphics, glsl materials, ambient occlusion shadows, Opengl Quadbuffer stereoscopy, allowing one’s own product to be contextualised in the real world comparing the design with the competitor’s one and offering the final customer a virtual test of the products without the need to produce them. “A single tool that renders, interacts and sets in real time, approaching even more the creativity of the designer with the concreteness of the marketing manager” - comments Seac02’s Andrea Carignano, CEO –. We have developed this product bearing in mind that the entire chain can find application space, advantages and time optimisation.’ Students who want to use the linceoVRcan download the full free “student” edition.

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