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Leadwerks Offers Torque Developer Discount

In response to last yesterday’s announcement by InstantAction, Leadwerks is offering a 50% discount for Torque developers who migrate to Leadwerks Engine. “It’s sad to see such a long-established brand come to an end,” said Josh Klint, CEO of Leadwerks. “They’ve always provided a unique pathway for indie game developers, and we have a long history of supporting Torque developers with our level editing tools. In addition to the Torque developer discount, we’re also in discussions with pureLIGHT Technologies to see how developers can migrate their license to pureLIGHT for Leadwerks. InstantAction may be gone, but indie game development must continue on.” To claim your discount, see the order form here.

Nov 15, 2010 | Read article... | Permalink

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