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Jellypie Software Release 3D Box Shot Pro v2

Jellypie Software are delighted to announce the release of 3D Box Shot Pro v2. Featuring all new OpenGL driven embossing, debossing and environment mapping effects, 3D Box Shot Pro v2 now includes some amazingly detailed iPhone 5 models that are rendered in real time using the OpenGL rendering engine. The new effects allow you create amazing bump mapped virtual packaging for Software Boxs, DVD Cases, eBook Covers, iPhones, Cans and computer monitors. 3D Box Shot Pro v2 can also now import external .md2 models as well as .3ds files. With print quality rendering of images of upto 67 mega pixels, 3D Box Shot Pro is perfect for creating virtual packaging images for use on the web or in print.

Nov 26, 2012 | Read article... | Permalink

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